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Internet Solutions  
GoNetPro - Professional IT Consulting

Our extensive knowledge of the Internet and solutions that are successful will help you gain the maximum benefit from your online presence. With a combination of our expertise and your vision, GoNetPro can provide a result that you can be proud of and your customers can't help but notice. Take a few moments to navigate through this area and view our web portfolio and some additional information about our Internet Services.


Imagine a website that can perform any function you need like eCommerce or information gathering while projecting your corporate image with a mixture of graphics and content that reflect who you are and what you do. Success in today's business environment requires an appreciation for interaction and delicate balance between people and technology. At GoNetPro, we hope to bridge that gap, giving your visitors a reason to return, again and again.

Design and Development

Whether the you need a basic Internet presence, a virtual storefront, an enterprise business application or a corporate intranet, GoNetPro can assist you with all aspects of your project from the initial conception through implementation and ultimate completion including maintenance and support. Utilizing leading-edge Internet technologies including HTML, Javascript, PHP, Flash, Java/J2EE, JSP, XML, Cold Fusion, Sharepoint, ASP and .Net. Your business can rely on our experience and our desire for success in all stages of a project.

Domain Management Services

The Internet is a dynamic medium, constantly evolving. For your company to stay ahead of the competition, we recognize that your website also needs to constantly evolve. GoNetPro can make this easy for you.

GoNetPro provides website management and maintenance services for websites, Intranets and applications. Our devoted team of professional designers and developers strongly believe in the evolution of business on the Internet. We take pride in our work and our commitment to develop long-term relationships with our clients and organizations that are fully committed to the success of their online initiatives.

GoNetPro will establish a dedicated account manager for your company who functions as a central contact point, and is already familiar with your company's concerns, needs and expectations. This means that when your company needs to make changes to your website, your account manager will be there to assist you through the process. We will schedule periodic meetings with your staff to evaluate the effectiveness of your website and to strategize with you so you can keep an edge over your competition in today's marketplace.

Internet Marketing

What is Internet Marketing? It is a closed loop process that begins with driving visitors to your website and ends with closed business that can be directly attributed to a specific Internet Marketing campaign or set of marketing activities. Optimum performance of Internet Marketing is achieved by constant measuring of your Internet Campaigns and modifying marketing campaigns to improve performance. The Internet allows for detailed tracking and ROI measurement of your marketing dollars.

Why not do it yourself? The complexity of selecting the right Internet marketing programs is often compounded with changes in the implementation methods of various tools. Search engine web sties are constantly changing and evolving their approach and you need to stay on top of this. Hiring outside services will allow you to focus on the strategic value of your programs while Market-Vantage Consulting takes care of the tactical operations. The Bottom Line, spending time and resources focusing on fast moving targets will not bring in more new revenue!

GoNetPro will begin by providing an assessment of your competitors' current Internet presence and your potential for leveraging the Internet to drive more business. Together, we will design a highly-customized marketing program developed around your specific business model and requirements. We work closely with you to understand your marketing goals, identify the challenges in achieving those goals, establish metrics for measuring success and ultimately exceed those goals. The implementation plan will describe in detail, every available marketing option and the associated costs. From here, we can implement the marketing strategies and closely gauge the results.

Search Engine Monitoring and Submittals

Getting your web page listed on a search engine is one thing, getting it listed in the top 10 is another and keeping it there is even more difficult. With our service, GoNetPro's Search Engine Specialists will review your site regularly and can make the appropriate changes to keep your site listed as high as possible in major search engines. Nothing is more important than the content that you have within your web pages! Good content is what search engines want and need to be a better search service!

We combine the newest search engine optimization techniques and website positioning strategies to increase website traffic and improve rankings. A typical web promotion campaign begins with a verbose and concise report of your website's present positions and rank according to your chosen keywords and phrases. From there, we develop a marketing strategy that custom fits your needs.

The top ten search engines are used by approximately 97 percent of consumers across the country. Our support personnel submit your website to over 250,000 search engines and FFA classified listings a regular basis. Some of the search engine directories require submission "by hand," such as the Open Directory, and we have personnel who are dedicated to this task within our organization.

We find that our consistent search engine submission regime yields greater results than relying only on many of the "do-it-yourself" submission software. Search engine submission is extremely important however, it is only by implementing additional marketing strategies that you TRULY increase exposure and drive traffic to your site.


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