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An organization's message must compete with thousands of others for attention. Whether the purpose is marketing promotion, staff motivation or training, critical messages often get lost in the noise. Our media solutions help clients make sure this doesn't happen, by developing compelling multimedia productions.

As with other communications vehicles, our philosophy behind this is simple: The audience needs, drive the content and the content drives the design.


GoNetPro offers a full spectrum of Multimedia Solutions including; audio and video production, graphics, imagery and interface design, corporate branding, print design, animation, presentations, CD Rom development and computer based training. Many companies, sales and marketing departments have come to rely on our ability to provide high-quality multimedia solutions. Working together as part of a team, we provide a valued contribution in all areas of our involvement.

We go the extra-mile for our clients, to help them attract potential customers more effectively. We focus on providing providing high-quality solutions while greatly reducing a projects cost. This is an integral part of our team's approach. If you are looking to add leading-edge multimedia solutions into your next project, contact GoNetPro. Your imagination is our specialty.

Audio/Video Production - GoNetPro focuses on the special needs of business and artists. And we have a unique understanding of the challenges facing each. GoNetPro provides a variety of audio and video production services, including audio/video tape duplication and editing, recording of TV and satellite programs for instructional use, and audio/video taping of classes and meetings. From audio mastering and restoration to video capturing and editing or streaming media encoding, we have a solution for you.

We specialize in taking your old VHS or Hi8 video to a digital format suitable for VCD, SVCD or DVD use, or we can prepare them for online streaming. We use state-of-the-art editing and authoring software and equipment. Your final product will formated and encoded for the highest-quality playback within the specified size constraints.

Corporate Branding - More than just designing a logo or choosing a color scheme, our goal is to design a logo is to establish a strong business identity that is consistent with the nature of your company. GoNetPro can design a professional image for your organization that will reflect the nature of your business and its objectives and create its own distinctive style.

Print Design - Whether you need a leaflet or an entire marketing campaign, by listening to your needs, we can provide you with a high quality professional result that will help you reach your audience, without a huge price tag. If you need your message to stand apart from your competitors, we can do this for you.

Graphics/Imagery - GoNetPro provides graphics design and photo restoration services. We can create new imagery that would otherwise be impossible to create or photograph. We use powerful software and possess a high-level of skill and creativity to make it happen, this enables us to offer an endless amount of possibilities to our clients. We can also scan your old photographs and restore them to their original condition. Scratches taken out, folds and creases repaired and even re-colorization.

Animation - Animation by a professional can greatly improve your company's image. Whether your company has 1 or 100,000 employees, animation can give it the image of a global corporation. But animation is more than just a cool moving logo. The technology can be a very effective marketing tool in demonstrating products or techniques that would otherwise be very difficult, costly or even impossible by any other means. Animation is an invaluable tool for demonstrating the internal mechanisms within equipment and how they operate interactively. We refer to this concept as "Virtual Engineering". CD Rom/DVD Development - One of the best ways for a business to present information to a client is to provide them with a presentation or a digital business card on disk. A presentation can provide charts, graphs, video, animation, graphics and a wealth of information at a potential client's finger tips. An exciting multimedia presentation will turn heads and can change minds. Not only are they reasonably priced to create, they are very inexpensive to duplicate and distribute.

Computer Based Training (CBT) is now one of the preferred ways to train employees for any type of activity from computer skills to sales methods to your company's rules and regulations. Through the use of CBT and "eLearning" a business can save money, use time more efficiently, and provide a consistent learning medium for their employees. Now training and tutorials can be delivered any time and anywhere a computer or Internet access is available. There is no more need to organize training for all your employees at the same time, thus disrupting the function of your business. Employees can be trained during off hours, holidays, lunch breaks, or even at home before coming to start their new jobs.


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