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Design and Development  
GoNetPro - Professional IT Consulting

Whether the you need a basic Internet presence, a virtual storefront, an enterprise business application or a corporate intranet, GoNetPro can assist you with all aspects of your project from the initial conception through implementation and ultimate completion including maintenance and support. Utilizing leading-edge Internet technologies including HTML, Javascript, PHP, Flash, Java/J2EE, JSP, XML, Cold Fusion, Sharepoint, ASP and .Net. Your business can rely on our experience and our desire for success in all stages of a project.


Imagine a website that can perform any function you need like eCommerce or information gathering while projecting your corporate image with a mixture of graphics and content that reflect who you are and what you do. Success in today's business environment requires an appreciation for interaction and delicate balance between people and technology. At GoNetPro, we hope to bridge that gap, giving your visitors a reason to return, time and time again.

Establishing a web presence or developing an Internet application is a daunting task, however with GoNetPro's Six-Step Development Process we ensure that all critical steps are well managed on a timely basis.


GoNetPro will conduct a preliminary meeting with you, in person or over the telephone to determine the scope of your project. Our goal is to learn everything we can about you, your company, your products and especially, your target market. In addition, we will research your competition and the tendencies of your target market to locate and purchase products online. This enables us to satisfy your current and future marketing strategies and requirements simply by addressing these concepts during the initial design of your project. We will determine your budget and create a basic development schedule to fit your needs. A large part of this initial process will be determining the basic "look and feel" of your site; should it mirror your current marketing media or develop a separate identity.


Once we have established the project goals, the initial framework will be developed which incorporates all of the considerations, communication and marketing goals that were outlined and approved in step 1 of the project. The designers expand on these design concepts to develop the actual site interface. The framework developed quickly becomes the user-interface, an actual tree of linked pages. Usability and accessibility principles are applied to the design to ensure the end result is ergonomic: easy to navigate, natural content flow and minimal repetition. Once this framework has been reviewed and approved by your organization, actual development will begin.


Once the actual development of the project begins, GoNetPro will creatively apply leading-edge technologies into a scalable architecture meeting, and most often exceeding your expectations. We will collaborate with you every step of the way to bring the project to life. Throughout the development process, you are encouraged to review the project frequently. Your feedback and comments are always welcome. Frequent review is absolutely critical to project schedule and delivery.

Testing, Documentation & Quality Assurance

Once the project is complete, we begin rigorous quality assurance and beta testing. Our quality assurance team is tasked with "breaking" the project. This quality control team will thoroughly test the site to ensure everything is functioning properly and the project is laid out in a way that makes sense. Any discoveries are sent back to the programming team for further refining. We quickly address any issues that might arise. Once we feel satisfied with the quality of the site, we turn it over to you for more testing. When applicable, our quality assurance team will provide documentation to you so that you can manage your application.


Once the final development of your site is complete and you have conducted your Final Review, your site will be published to the web. Following this site activation, we will begin the Search Engine Submission process and any other marketing programs covered in your Proposal.

Support and Maintenance

Staying current with both content and technology is vital to the success of not only your business, but for your web presence as well. Your Proposal can include an on-going Marketing and Maintenance Plan designed to meet your needs and satisfy your goals.

Portfolio of Sites and Website Style Samples

Click Here to view a portfolio of website samples including many of our client's websites and conceptual designs.


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