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Voice / Data Solutions  
GoNetPro - Professional IT Consulting

GoNetPro is a leader in design and installation of voice and data systems including cabling of copper and fibre wiring systems as well as many other types of premises wiring. We provide the latest technological solutions to a diverse-range of industries throughout Southern California. GoNetPro has continually kept pace with the latest industry advances and translated these innovations into design, installation and maintenance solutions for our clients.


Moving into a new building? Adding another system onto your Local Area Network (LAN)? Whether you are adding a single drop or hundreds, GoNetPro can provide all of the voice and data cabling services that your company requires. Our professionals stay current with the latest research and trends related to communications technologies through continual, comprehensive training and experience.

GoNetPro installs network wiring (Category 5, 6, 7 and fibre), phone wiring (both digital and analog), as well as audio and video (RG-6 coaxial) cable. Installation includes everything end-to-end; cable, jacks, termination, testing and documentation. We perform every part of the project, you deal with a single company, avoiding delays, confusion and extra expense.

GoNetPro specializes in large networks with hundreds of drops, to small networks with 1 to 10 drops. We provide your project with the appropriate types of termination and cable management systems based on the size of your network. Wiring is installed neatly and well labeled for future reference. We test our installations end-to-end to deliver only the highest-level of reliability, connectivity and performance.


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